Monday, September 27, 2010

Old Photos

I was going through photos on my Iphoto before i uploaded pictures from Paris, I found a few old ones from earlier in the summer, hope you enjoy

This is from when I was hurt, I would just walk around wonderful Westfield, NJ and I forgot that the original Adams family house is here, so I took a picture.

This was the day I move into NYC I met up with Dave, Justin and Butt at Holmes and we skated but then of course got drunk, needless to say the welcome I expected

I have no idea whose ankle this is but he is surely awesome
Does this even need a caption?
This slice of pizza was bigger than my head

This is the illustrious Brian Lantz and Laura from Continental, the look in their eyes says it all
Bubba and the lovely Karisa and April, haven't seen them in a while, I think this was from some sort of Continental reunion, yeah I really don't miss working there
I think this bothered me so much I put it on facebook, but this is a fixed gear bike riding at McCarren, there was a whole clan of them. It blew my mind.
Yeah so this is funny

Feldt came and stayed with Butt and I, he took this picture, skated for a bit and got arrested all in all it was a successful trip
Butt gave ghost a haircut, I wish I had a final outcome picture, but I don't. Use your imagination, would you let Butt cut your hair?
This is some wild shit
Jersey Dave had me over one night and he got wasted and made this fire pit, He was having trouble standing so I considered this an amazing accomplishment
Butt doing what he does best, renegade shotgun

This guy again
Yeah, pretty much every picture dealing with Butt in this post doesn't really need a caption
Justin at a bar in Mr. White mode.
This mini ramp was cool, minus the pillars in the middle of it
Aidan sleeping in Montreal, next update will be of France, hopefully this restore interest in whoever had enough time on their hands to check this blog

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