Monday, November 30, 2009

bdougs turned me on to this gem


"call me j.r. flexington, this is my testament, if i ain't the best there is..."


Barely Legal Little League
Original Ad:
We are a little league team looking for a sponsor for the upcoming
little league season. Email if you are interested in helping out. Thanks!

From Me to ********@***********.org

Good afternoon,

I came across your ad looking for a sponsor for your little league team. I am interested if you still need one. Let me know, and we can discuss the details.


From Joe ********* to Me:

Hey Mike,
My name is Joe. I have been the coach of this team and greatly appreciate the offer. We still do need a sponsor and I would like to hear what you have to offer. The league will not start up again until mid-April so we will have some time. Let me know what you were thinking for sponsorship, you can email or call me anytime at (***)***-****

From Me to Joe *********:


I am glad to hear you are still interested. I would like to have my company name on your team's uniform and fence sign. How much would it cost to do this?


From Joe ********* to Me:

Hi Mike,
The cost to fully sponsor our team would be $800. It would cover ordering the jerseys and equipment. At the end of the season you will be recognized at our ceremony and will receive a framed photo of the team and your own uniform. What is your company's name and do you have a website?

From Me to Joe *********:

That sounds reasonable Joe. I am the founder of an adult film company called BarelyLegalSuperSluts. We specialize in 18+ amateur pornography and I would like to get our name out there. We plan on lanuching our site around April, so I think the timing would be perfect with your league. I can forward you our logo and we will discuss designs for the uniforms.


From Joe ********* to Me:

Do you realize this sponsorship is for a little league team?

From Me to Joe *********:

Yes, you told me that. I think it is great that I'll be able to help kids enjoy America's greatest pastime.

From Joe ********* to Me:

and you honestly expect a bunch of kids to be sporting a jersey that says Barely Legal Super Sluts?

From Me to Joe *********:

Is it too long to fit on the jersey? We could just call them the Super Sluts for short as long as the sign on the field included the link to our website.

From Joe ********* to Me:

No that isn't the problem. This team is for kids and we can't have them wearing shirts that say Super Sluts on them. It is highly offensive and the league most likely wouldn't even allow it.

From Me to Joe *********:

How about we call them the Barely Legal Little Leaguers? I would include a free copy of our Super Sluts Slurping Loads DVD for every parent that attends the game. The DVD features over 3 hours of sluts with hilarious outtakes and alternate endings. I could even have a few of our stars come out and mud wrestle during the 7th inning stretch. I think it could pull in a lot more of an audience for your little league.

From Joe ********* to Me:

No! Thats even worse! Look Mike I appreciate you trying to help our team out but this is absolutely the wrong place to be advertising your porn. If you would still like to contribute you can but we cannot have your company name associated with our team.

From Me to Joe *********:

If this is how you treat every sponsor that wants to help your team out, you will never get any money. Sooner or later you are going to have to whore yourself out to someone, which is a valuable lesson learned in my Big Sluts: Big Loads DVD. I could give that one out to the parents instead, due to the educational value.

From Joe ********* to Me:

You just dont quit do you? Aint happening so go to hell!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

chug life.

Dumb shit i look at online

kush dog.

"My brother is in dog grooming school now, he just got out of jail" Joe Piff

Sick Nick and Walt attempting to tell us how good Mama Jany is compared to SGP, personally I wasn't having it
Walt goes to bed around 930 sometimes he gets wild and stays up till 1130
Party Dave has had a rough time lately with partying, see right wrist
I got really bored the other night and drew this amazing picture on Mulhern's back window, Ishod also attempted to write Mulhern sucks butt, but all that came out was Mulhern suchs butt

Ed Duff in the flesh
Ed Duff via drivers license, nice hair
This was a lot of fun, Joe Piff has begun to exercise all of his friends with cars willingness to jump his
He also drew this amazing tattoo, if you ever nervous about turning into Joe Piff don't drink a 1/5 of Hennessy when you go out at night
Aidan didn't take this advice and got one for his 20th b-day, halfway through the bottle he finished up a kegstand and ended up on the floor throwing up his birthday cake, success
Lil' Rew brought us to this house party
This was a chocolate fountain, needless to say we were all excited to be at whoever house this was
This fish showed up at my work
It had a bad day

Only way this picture could be better if somewhere it said how much this dude sucks

Jarrod showed up with these gifts
Zander took the manly route and grabbed himself a bacardi wine cooler, notice he didn't update this to his facebook
Ishod in full party mode

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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I recently discovered a friend of mine, Brandon Kuzma, was the kid from the nintendo 64 commercial. This was on a car commercial where he made a lot of money. Check out his video, Holy Cow, you can youtube brad cromers part from the vid.


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Jersey Weekend

Jersey Dave came down a few weekends ago for my birthday and filmed a bunch of stuff on his digital camera, i figured this would be a good place to post it. Clip features Brendan Granstrand, Bubba Heckman, Bryan Leddy, Andrew Feldt and Jersey Dave

While we weren't skating some of this stuff occured

TV Edit

Cell phone ban for drivers, bikers, skateboarders heard by Philadelphia City Council

Cell phone ban for drivers, bikers, skateboarders heard by Philadelphia City Council

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The internet has everything

So I thought of this yesterday, started to create a logo and realized, everything already exists on the internet, fuck.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I had a bad taco and I don't want to talk about it

One lane highway at cecil for the past couple days, take a number

Sick Nick showed up from Arizona and has been killing it since his arrival
The demonic version of Joe Piff normally results from skateboarding and minimal amounts of weed
Went to the bar Tuesday night and the highlight of it was the dude in the background
Ishod appeared at my house Friday night and jumped over and off of a ton of different obstacles, he also drinks now which may explain why our couch was wet on Saturday morning
Mulhern filmed Shaun for the first time since he began drinking

Been living off the queso burrito here for quite some time, hopefully we can step it up and stop coming here
Jarrod loves this sauce

Ask Dietrich where the case of beer is from
Dude on the right is cool, on the left not so much
Dom has turned into a lady killer
Bubba had a few too many beers and tried to ride this bike apparently



"Shouts to my rollers..."

On Halloween....

Webber was killing it...I was blowing it...  

white bouls vs gun.

Lee Bender

I met Lee in Arizona through mutual friends, check out this video.

Faces of American Health Care, Part 2: Former Pro Skater, Lee Bender from austin considine on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

thug life.


Tampa police: Marine reservist attacked Greek priest he mistook for terrorist
BK tipped me off on this. Check the article, this person is possibly the dumbest marine i have ever heard of..

College Humor?

Stole this from the Shred NJ blog. My friend pat got this e-mail from his teacher. Keep your chin up buddy, happens to the best of us...

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this should give you trouble sleeping for a few weeks...


yours truly to the blog life...


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Found It!


Joe's home town